Week 4 

One month in!

I’ve been officially following the Nike Training Club workout plan for one month so now it’s time for a progress report and weigh-in.

Pre-plan stats

  • 103kg
  • 38% body fat

Current stats

  • 101kg (-2kg)
  • 37% body fat (-1%)

While it’s not quite as much weight as I’d hoped to lose, it’s still positive progress and given the amount of treats I’ve had this month it’s a miracle I’ve managed to lose anything. My goal has always been to make small sustainable changes and so far I’ve managed to do just that. Although I haven’t stuck to my goal of not eating chocolate apart from on weekends, I’ve managed to avoid diluted juice entirely. Given there’s roughly 20g of sugar in a small 200ml glass of Ribena, this month I’ve avoided 600g of excess sugar. 

In terms of exercise I’ve noticed a big difference between how I felt when I first started working out and how I feel now. That’s not to say the workouts are any less challenging but I do notice that I recover quicker. This week again I managed to knock another minute off my benchmark workout.

Although I’m still struggling to get out of bed to make it to the gym on time to get a full 45 minute workout, I’m pleased that I’ve managed to be in the gym everyday doing some sort of activity. 

All in all, I’m pleased with my progress so far. Pro-athletes talk about the theory of marginal gains and I feel it’s something that even a rookie like me can apply to our health plan. Even though it’s slow going, Im confident that those little changes to my diet and exercise regime will eventually add up to make a major difference to my overall health. 

Moving forward into Month 2

This month I will be continuing on with the Nike Training Club App to complete my 8 week Gym Strength Programme. 

I’ll also be starting a FODMAP diet plan which I will explain in more detail in another post. 

Until next time.

Mr Teacher

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