Month 1 – Nike Training Club App

So as term starts up again we finally begin. At this time it’s important to give you a little bit of background information about where I’m at and what I’m going to be doing this month. 

Current stats (3/9/17) 

  • Weight          – 103.3kg
  • Body fat %   – 38%

These stats make for pretty depressing reading however as I often tell my pupils; it’s important to know where you are to allow you to set realistic goals and track your progress.  

What is the Nike Training Club?

Nike Training Club is an App which allows you to follow semi-personalised workout programmes designed by a range of professional trainers and even some sports stars. You can choose the type of workout programme you would like to follow based on your goals; strength, endurance or mobility. 

For this month I’ve decided to complete their Gym Strong plan. You can further personalise the plans based on the amount of workouts you wish to complete during the week (5 for me), your experience level (intermediate), the amount of equipment (full gym) and whether or not you want to include running (yes) as part of your programme. 

Gym Strong
Nike Training Club

Each workout comes complete with a video demonstration of the exercises so if you’re like me and don’t know your Russian twists from your Romanian deadlifts, this tells you everything you need to know. 

Diet Changes

As I mentioned in my previous post I’ve tried a lot of the fad diets with little to no long term success so this time I’m trying something different. Each month I’m going to make a number of small healthy changes to my diet. 

This month I’ve decided to cut out the diluted juice. This may sounds easy to many of you but being lifelong teetotal and having already given up fizzy drinks last year, diluted juice has become a bit of a (sugar) crutch. However like a nicotine patch it’s not exactly good for me so it’s bye bye Mr Robinsons and Miss Ribena and hello water and milk.

Other changes this month include; no more oven chips. This golden fingers of deliciousness have become a staple of steak night in recent years but they are being transferred out to be replaced by boiled baby potatoes and its slightly more hipster cousin, sweet potato mash. 

Chocolate in any form will be a reserve of the weekend and crisps
will be a Saturday night movie treat. 

Bread has escaped this months cull although after a summer back in the land of breaded goodness and a few more episodes of GBBO it won’t be long before I need to address my love of all things doughy. 

So that’s the plan in brief for this month. Check out my weekly progress updates to see how things are going and if you’ve any tips please feel free to comment below. 

Until next time,

Mr Teacher

4 Replies to “Month 1 – Nike Training Club App”

  1. You can do eeet! The app sounds good, hope it works out for you. I can check with Jennifer, but I wouldn’t worry too much about bread, especially the seedy stuff, as the fibre and other stuff is good for you. As long as it fits in the input<output equation it's fine.

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